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Welcome! We'd love to know who you are and how you came to the community.



  • tpiros
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    👋 I'm Tamas, Director of Developer Advocacy at Cloudinary. I am also a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and I am a passionate advocate for modern web technologies, helping people understand and unlock the latest & greatest features of web development. Really glad to be part of this community @Rlux!

  • sanjaysarathy
    sanjaysarathy Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 4

    Hello, I'm Sanjay and lead Cloudinary's developer experience efforts. Care deeply about making developers successful.

  • Balazs
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    Hi, I'm Balazs, Developer Relations Operations Manager at Cloudinary. Love to learn about new technologies and network with new people.

  • orlyb
    orlyb Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Orly, I lead the Customer Engagement team here at Cloudinary. I love working with customers and helping them become successful :) Specifically my focus is mainly on our self service customers - you know who you are! I'm a huge fan of communities, in all aspects of life, and can't wait to leverage this one!

  • carlevison
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    Hi, I'm Caroline, Senior Technical Content Developer at Cloudinary. I'm part of the docs team, responsible for I like to create interactive demos, code explorers and video tutorials - anything that helps customers make the most of the cool features in Cloudinary's products.

  • stewart_oak
    stewart_oak Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 2

    Hi, I'm Stewart, one of the technical Customer Success Managers here at Cloudinary. I have a background in the Travel Industry, Web Development, Content Management and have spent the last several years specialising in Digital Asset Management. I love the way Cloudinary's, 'end-to-end' media solution offers so much more than traditional DAM.

  • JackieDoc
    JackieDoc Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 3

    Hey there! I'm Jackie, Director of Docs at Cloudinary. For the past 20+ years I've been combining my love of coding, content, and UX/DevX in a variety of roles. Together with my awesome doc team, we've spent recent years making sure users can learn all there is to know about new features, APIs, and SDK, adding cool new functionality to the doc site, and embellishing it with code samples and sandboxes, video tutorials, demos, quick starts and more.

    We're always looking for more ways to improve the user & developer experience of the Cloudinary docs for all products and all users, so I'm super excited to listen and chat with all of you on what matters to you most!

  • Kevin_Lynch_12
    Kevin_Lynch_12 Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 1

    Heya Cloudinary Community! I'm Kevin, Director of Content Marketing. I must confess, I'm not a developer, but, I am passionate about all things Cloudinary and am here to get your input and ideas on what topics you'd like to see. Be it blog posts, how-to videos, infographics, you name it. If we have it, we'll get it to you. If we don't we'll make it. Any and all ideas welcome!

  • Jonathan_Sexton
    Jonathan_Sexton Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 3

    Howdy y'all! I'm Jonathan, one of the Technical Customer Success Managers here at Cloudinary!

    I work with our Self Service customers to ensure their usage is optimized using our best practices and recommendations. I enjoy the community aspect and interacting with such a wide range of customers with their unique use cases.

    I have been a developer for almost eight years now specifically in the JavaScript ecosystem. I have a background in web development, sales, customer service, and consulting.

    I'm so excited to interact with everyone as we build and leverage this community!

  • colbyfayock
    colbyfayock Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 8

    Hey hey, I'm Colby Fayock. I'm a Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Cloudinary helping the dev community do awesome things with the web!

  • kristendunne
    kristendunne Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 2

    Hello! My name's Kristen Dunne, I'm a Technical Customer Success Manager for SMB accounts. I love brainstorming ideas to help improve processes.

    What's some feedback you have related to your interactions with and usage of Cloudinary?

  • ranrub
    ranrub Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 2

    Hello! I'm Ran, I manage the Enterprise Solutions group at Cloudinary and it's my 9th year with the company.

    Feel free to reach out to me with any question - I'm a software developer in training and love a good challenge. Can't wait to start interacting with our amazing community of developers and users.

  • AngelaRegal
    AngelaRegal Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Angela Regal a Technical Customer Success Manager at Cloudinary. I help our customers leverage the full potential of our platform so they can deliver amazing customer experiences! I have a background in JavaScript development for the IoT sector as well as customer service and sales. I love sharing knowledge and helping people succeed. Looking forward to engaging with this amazing developer community!

  • Sharon
    Sharon Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 2

    Hey, I'm Sharon Yelenik, Technical Content Developer at Cloudinary. I enjoy making the documentation as experiential as possible, as well as explaining how to use some of the innovative new features that Cloudinary is constantly releasing.