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Hello all - happy to be here!

I'm posting this in the "developer products" channel as I think the topic is a tad more advanced than general use and has a good deal of crossover with API.

Cloudinary supports WebGL to preview 3D files that have been uploaded! Objectively a very cool feature to have for previewing!

However, in your assessment, are Cloudinary's WebGl capabilities appropriate for more advanced webgl experiences? Such as the Yamaha configurator linked here -

Input from more seasoned and knowledgeable Cloudinary users or developers would be appreciated.

If Cloudinary is the appropriate solution for this type of work, would you be able to share any live examples (like the yamaha example) that's running Cloudinary?

Thank you!


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    Hey there,

    Currently, Cloudinary does not have the capabilities you are looking for but it is in the works. In the future, you can look forward to dimensional changes as well as tweaks to color. A little further down the line, you can hopefully expect the same component-swapping behavior present in the demo you shared.

    We do have a Cloudinary Labs project called the AR/3D viewer which allows viewing GLB/GLTF files and set variations (+ some other e-commerce features such as AR and hotspots). But do note that this is an experimental product and not quite ready for market. That being said, please feel free to play with it. 😀

    Thanks for your interest and keep your eyes peeled, we make improvements and add features constantly.


  • krause3d
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    I appreciate your straightforward pragmatism and excitement for the future of Cloudinary. Thank you for your advisement.