Upload fails with 403

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hey all, i have been trying to upload to cloudinary via strapi upload provider. but it seem to fail while i have the right credentials in environment variables

what am i missing?



  • SreeCloudinary
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    Hi chrisnonso​,

    Thanks for contacting us,

    I've checked your account details and can see that you've signed up for our Media Optimizer product: https://cloudinary.com/documentation/media_optimizer

    If you would like to use features that are part of our Programmable Media (e.g. image and video transformations) or Digital Asset Management features, you can sign up for another free account using a different email address.

    When signing up for the other account, you can choose one of the other products to create an account that can use those features (in the signup form, either the Programmable Media for image and video API or Dynamic Asset Management for creation and collaboration option will create an account which can use PM/DAM features)

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you're able to create a new account, and if there's anything else I can help with,



  • gvocale
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    Hi, I am getting the same error when uploading from strapi to cloudinary:

    Error: Error uploading to cloudinary: Server returned unexpected status code - 403

    Do you have more insights about what's causing this error?


  • CloudinarySam
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    @gvocale - The error message you're receiving, "Server returned unexpected status code - 403," indicates that the server, in this case, Cloudinary, is returning a HTTP 403 status code. HTTP 403 typically signifies "Forbidden," meaning that the server has understood the request, but it refuses to fulfill it for some reason. In the context of Cloudinary, this could be due to various reasons:

    Authentication Issues: The most common reason for a 403 error is authentication issues. Make sure you have the correct API key and secret for your Cloudinary account. Double-check that you are using the correct credentials and they are correctly configured in your Strapi settings.

    Permission Settings: Check the permissions and settings on your Cloudinary account. If your API key does not have the necessary permissions to upload or access resources, you may encounter a 403 error. Ensure that your Cloudinary account settings allow the actions you're trying to perform.

    To troubleshoot this issue, I would recommend checking your API credentials, permissions, and security settings first. If the problem persists, definitely write back here for further assistance.