How to improve performance of Videos in React Native?

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I'm pretty new to the world video optimization. We are currently working on a tiktok-like platform for mobile (i.e. people can swipe Videos). Because this app is made for mobile, there obviously are quite a few constraints regarding the performance expectations, set by apps like Tiktok and Instagram. Our goals is to serve the individual videos as quickly as possible, without any buffering.

I already read this guide on optimizing videos:

Would you recommend using adaptive bitrate streaming (event for short videos, that are 15 or so seconds long?)

Thanks in advance!


  • DannyFromCloudinary
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    Hi Tobias. Thanks for getting in touch!

    Using adaptive bitrate streaming is certainly one possible approach, but if the content is short-form video, it may be a better user experience to simply preload the next video in the browser (or app) cache to it can be served quickly. You would need to keep bandwidth usage in mind, both for your account and for your users on data connections, but for improved performance you could even consider preloading two or three videos ahead.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments, either here or via a support ticket.



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    Thanks, I opened a support ticket!

    I thought ABS would be a great fit, because it adjusts the content based on the internet-connectivity of the user (i.e. if they are outside and have a bad connection).

    Would this also be possible with the approach you are proposing?