Shoppable video functionality in React

Ivan Member Posts: 1

Hello community,

I am trying to use the Shoppable video functionality in a React app with the React SDK but I was unable to do it.

Is there any way in which this functionality can be used with React SDK?

The only examples out there I could find were using the "cloudinary-video-player" library in order to use the "source" property from the videoPlayer object by passing 2 parameters : the public ID and the shoppable config object, but is a bit of overkill for the React environment, especially when trying to do server side rendering.




  • Ranson
    Ranson Cloudinary Staff Posts: 23

    Hey Ivan,

    The Cloudinary React SDK is mainly for uploading/transforming your assets. You would need the Video Player library in order to have access to Shoppable videos. Would you please clarify what you mean by being overkill?