Moderating user-generated content efficiently

Sharon Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 2

How do you keep content that users post on your site high-quality and appropriate, free of viruses or malware, once you’ve grown to the point that manually moderating each user submission is unwieldy?

Inviting user-generated content can serve many purposes for different kinds of sites. For example, if you own a news site, users might upload pictures of what’s happening in real-time, and if you’re selling a product, users can promote your brand by posting pictures of themselves using your product. The challenge is, moderating that user-generated content.

Enter, Cloudinary. Cloudinary provides several add-ons that you can register for that can automatically moderate assets uploaded to your site in the following ways:

Once you’ve registered for the desired moderation, simply mark your asset for that moderation within your upload call, for example:

Voilà! Your user-generated content is moderated.

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