When To Contact Support

rlux Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 61
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Cloudinary has several ways to get help. If you're not sure where to look for help, here's some advice on when to use our sites and services:

🔹 Documentation & Knowledge Base

If you're looking for general information on using our products, our Getting Started guides, or know exactly what you need help with, the Documentation and our Knowledge Base is the best place to start.

🔹 Community Forum

That's us! When you have a specific problem, aren't sure how to find the right answer about using a product, or when the documentation isn't covering the question you need an answer to, this forum is the right place to post it.

🔹 Customer Support

If your company has an SLA with Cloudinary, or you have a production critical issue, always go to Support first! Support is also the right channel for all questions about your account, billing, quota, or anything involving private information. Finally, if you have a question that you're completely stuck on and all other resources have not helped, ask Support.

I hope this helps! If you're not sure, please ask.