Transformation of a specific page in a multi page pdf

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I need to overlay some image and text on only 1 specific page of a multi page pdf file. The delivery URL based transformation is overlaying the image on multiple pages.

The below is the URL i am using ( I have removed my account and image details)*****/image/upload/c_scale,g_south_west,l_<cloudinary image ref>,w_150,x_25,y_180/c_limit,co_rgb:ffffff,g_south_west,l_text:arial_40:<text1>,w_420,x_40,y_130/c_limit,co_rgb:ffffff,g_south_west,l_text:arial_30:<text2>,w_420,x_40,y_100/v1***/********.pdf

I wanted the image and text overlay only on a specific page. Please suggest a way. I know i can split the pdf, transform said images and and stitch it back together again but i am hoping for a simpler solution.




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    Hi Sreejith,

    The only way for this to work is to split the PDF transform the images and then compile them as one again.

    Please also feel free to suggest this on our public roadmap