cloudinary-react Upload Widget 1.0 no longer available

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I keep getting this error in the console when viewing my site, and it seems like the cloudinary-react library stopped working overnight.

I have a site where users can create activities and upload images to them. The upload functionality has been working just fine for several years, but this morning I started receiving feedback from users saying the upload functionality has stopped working.

I've made no changes to any code that should impact the upload functionality, and I've tested this locally, on a live test site and on my production code (last change was a week ago).

I get that it's a legacy library, but it shouldn't just stop working overnight.


  • rlux
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    Hi JT -- the issue isn't React, it's the upload widget that you're using.

    The old widget version has been unsupported since December 2020. It was removed this week. The removal was scheduled for the end of June 2022, but was delayed until this week for operational reasons.

    Although we had a process to identify and notify customers who were still using the old version of the widget automatically based on access logs on our side, we apologize if you may have missed the reminders (i.e., in case the notification email sent was not received or redirected to the spam folder).

    As for the widget migration, we have the guide (added July 2018, when version 2 was launched) updated earlier this year:

    I hope this helps!