Hi I'm a Dev running lib cloudinary I run into a problem

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When I run the command yarn audit report --groups dependencies I run into this:

Did you fix it? or it doesn't need to fix anything


  • Stephen
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    If this is causing you issues with building or deploying your application, may I please ask you to follow up on this GitHub issue regarding the same dependency? https://github.com/cloudinary/cloudinary_npm/issues/565

    My understanding is that vm2 is used in our build process for the SDK but is not part of what's used in your application when you use the SDK itself, but we can check the specifics if you can share more information on the GitHub issue regarding the exact versions you're using and where you're seeing the error



  • HannibalLilli
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    Thank you very much I don't find any problem in package cloudinary ver.1.35.0 Thank you so much I just came to inform you