Webhook notifications firing more than once

kevinp1335 Member Posts: 1

I'm still testing my application (NET 6 WebAPI) using Visual Studio 2022's new dev tunnel that gives me a live URL to test with. I put that URL in the 'Notification URL' box in the Upload page of my console settings. When I make any change to any of my images in the console, my breakpoint is hit inside my app. But, then a couple minutes later it hits the breakpoint again. It is the same change with the same request_id and timestamp. It hit my breakpoint a third time before I stopped debugging my app.

Is this normal, is or this something to do with dev tunnels or something (I can't imagine)? I'm returning an "OK" 200 response from my app. Do I need to return something else?


  • jcatania
    jcatania Member, Administrator Posts: 1

    Hi Kevin,

    After reviewing the question that you have, I believe this is due to your endpoint isn't replying with the 200 response quickly enough, are you able to make this adjustment and see if you are still having the issue? If you still are having an issue, could you send over a sample of your code? 

    Thanks, Jackie