Is it possible to change the upload presets of an asset, without deleting it ?

sujeet Member Posts: 1

I need to change the upload preset of an asset, without deleting it? Is it possible to change it via SDK's ?



  • Zachary
    Zachary Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 35

    Hey there,

    If you'd like to change an upload preset you can do so via the UI or you can use the upload_preset method of the Admin API to create, manage, or delete upload presets, either via a REST API call, any of our backend SDKs.

      { name: "my_preset", 
        unsigned: true, 
        categorization: "google_tagging,google_video_tagging",
        auto_tagging: 0.75,
        background_removal: "cloudinary_ai",  
        folder: "new-products" })

    If you'd like to change which upload preset you've used on one of your assets you can either re-upload the asset with overwrite and invalidate set to true and use the new upload preset. Or if you just need a simple transformation you can always do this after an asset has been uploaded by utilizing the URL transformations or the API.

    Read more about upload presets:, transformations:, uploading assets: