Cloudinary Postman collections to make it easier to try our APIs

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Postman is a popular tool for running REST API requests, whether it's to get a feel for the request and response parameters or maybe even for automation. We're a big fan at Cloudinary and so we've created our own public workspace with a set of collections that you can fork and use to test out various API calls.

To get going, fork the collections you want to use and configure your Postman Environment with your cloud_name, api_key and api_secret. From there, you can open up the requests, edit the various parameters and hit send.

We've even handled the signature generation for you, so can make direct requests to the Upload API without having to use an SDK or write your own signature generation code.

You can find more info and help on how to use the collections on our docs page:

Would love to know if anyone is using the collections and if anyone has made use of some of the more advanced features of Postman.


  • talSh
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    Thanks for that public workspace. I've forked the collection and tried to make an unsigned upload but got "405Method Not Allowed", even though al parameters in place except upload_preset which I think is optional.

    what could be the problem?