Cloudinary video player, non public access

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Hi everyone, I want to create a video player that allows users to view private videos. Im returning a list of videos from a backend. I implemented it originally with videos with public access and all worked well

var playlistSources = => ({


info: {

title: + '_' + video.year,

subtitle: video.question



However, I now switched the videos to private, and the only way I can get them to play is by forwarding a signed urls

var playlistSources = => (video.url +"#.mp4" ));

Is there a smarter way to get authentication on video access that I'm not aware of?

Thanks, Amitai



  • rlux
    rlux Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 58

    If you don't want your users to be able to download the video, a workaround would be to use strict transformations for your videos while using the upload type. Essentially, enabling strict transformations would restrict derived resources unless the URL was signed, or if the transformation is marked as "allowed", or if it was generated eagerly. So you can also restrict the original transformation, and generate the relevant derived resource for the relevant customer.

    More information can be found here: