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We would like to add fields on versions similar to format, size, time etc. We would like to add fields for reason for new version etc. Is that possible and if so, how. Thanks in advance for the assistance...


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    You can use Structured metadata fields that enable you to store descriptive information about your assets.

    Structured metadata fields are a set of custom fields that you can define for each product environment. The defined fields are added to all assets in your Media Library. For example, you could create custom fields for Product category, Status, Product ID, Rights expiration date (for copyrighted materials), Photographer, etc. Each organization can decide on the fields that are most appropriate for its needs.

    Here is the link to the documentation:

    Hope this helps.


  • hwajain
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    Hi Akshay,

    I went through the documentation you mentioned and still couldn't figure out how I could add a filed to a version. Attached is a screenshot of metadata currently available on verisons, that we would like to add to.

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    Hi Hwajain,

    Akshay is offline now, so I read the ticket in his place.

    Thank you for clarifying on the version metadata you are referring to, the screenshot was very helpful.

    No, the version-specific metadata that is shown in your screenshot is not editable. This is meant to be a summary about an older version of the asset, no user inputs or modifications are allowed to this metadata.

    Sorry about that, this specific type of metadata is meant to be read-only.

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