How do I retrieve contextual metadata programmatically?

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I'm using cloudinary: ^1.32.0



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    Hi @SMW, do you have an example of where you're having the problem?

  • SMW
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    Hi rlux, I managed to solve the problem myself.

    The call I was looking for was

    const alt_text = await   cloudinary.api.resources_by_ids( imageId, {context:true} )

    .then(metadata=> metadata.resources[0].context.custom.image_alt_text)

     .catch(err=>{console.log({err}); )

    Is there a complete list of options and what values they accept anywhere?

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    Looping in @JackieDoc for some input on this.

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    @SMW - Hi. Just noticed I was tagged here, so delayed response, but maybe still helpful? 🙏

    You can find all the details of our Admin API, including syntax, descriptions of all available params, and code examples for all SDKs, here:

    FYI - In addition to the totally valid solution you came up with for your requirement, there's also this helper method in SDKs that might be more convenient:

    Hope this will be helpful going forward!