Sharing: How we built (free) on-the-fly image optimization with Cloudinary+CloudFlare

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(In an effort to ensure our technical SEO was top notch, we wanted to make sure our website images were highly optimized to reduce page load times. I wrote this article share how built we a solution that drastically reduced image sizes across our website using free plans from Cloudflare Workers and Cloudinary)

It uses the Fetch API from Cloudinary, which is one of my favourite features.


  • rlux
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    This is great Alex, thanks so much for sharing it!

  • CloudinarySam
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    @waterlooalex - This is wonderful! Would you be interested in having your team share their experiences on our DevJams podcast and live streams? I think some education on Cloudflare Workers and how it can work with Cloudinary would be helpful for other users.

    If so, reach out to me via email -

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    This looks like the ideal solution I’ve been looking for to handle image optimization for my book review blog. I’m already using Cloudflare for my Wordpress blog and just signed up for a free Cloudinary account. Do I now install the Cloudinary Wordpress plugin and upload my images to Cloudinary? Then implement the Cloudflare workers code that you’ve mentioned. As someone who is not a web developer, is this something I should outsource or do you think it is possible to implement with limited technical capabilities? Thanks Alex.