🦘Cloudinary JumpStart Course for New Developer Users

CloudinarySam Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 23
edited July 2023 in General

Hey there! As an active Cloudinary Community member, I wanted you to know about our latest self-paced Academy course - Cloudinary JumpStart for New Developer Users! 

This Cloudinary Academy primer is for new users of Cloudinary's Programmable Media products and APIs to know the sheer basics of working with us - setting up the environment, doing basic uploads, delivering images and videos with transformations.

Whether you're a developer who is having questions on Cloudinary's API basics, or a long-time user who needs to onboard new team members, this is definitely a helpful resource for you!

If you have any questions, please reach out. As Cloudinary's Senior Director of Customer Education and Community, I am dedicated to helping you have an optimal experience with our products.

Have a great day, and enjoy our newest educational resource!