Anyone know why the image not rendering in the page?

adem_ghorbel Member Posts: 1

when i try to add my secure url like that <img src="" /> nothing showing in my page but when i open the secure_url in another tab it show me the image..

Please tell me the reason I'm new to cloudinary and thanks for everyone


  • CloudinarySam
    CloudinarySam Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 22

    If the image is not displaying on your page when using the secure URL provided by Cloudinary (, but it shows up when you open the URL in another tab, there are a couple possible reasons for this behavior:

    1. Mixed Content Issue: If your website is served over HTTPS (secure protocol) and the image URL is HTTP (non-secure protocol), most modern browsers block the insecure content by default. Make sure that your website is also loaded securely (using HTTPS) and update the image URL to start with https:// instead of http://. This ensures that the page and all its resources are served securely.
    2. Temporary Server or CDN Issue: It's possible that the image is temporarily unavailable due to server or CDN (Content Delivery Network) issues. This can happen sporadically, and trying again after some time may resolve the problem.