Learn How to Build a Publish Extension for Canva and Cloudinary

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edited August 2023 in Developer APIs

With Canva being one of the hottest tools for creative and design projects, Cloudinary’s Igor Vorobeychik decided to build out a Canva-Cloudinary connector to help streamline work for those who use both platforms! This allows people to create their design in Canva, then publish it to Cloudinary for delivery onto websites, mobile apps and more.

In this Cloudinary DevJams podcast episode, the Customer Education team walk through Igor’s Canva Publish Extension to show how he built it, and better understand how to create deep connections between mutually beneficial systems via code. Together, we will dive into his scripts that use Cloudinary’s Node.js SDKExpress, and more.

You can watch and listen to the episode on your favorite podcast services, including Cloudinary Podcasts (https://cloudinary.com/podcasts) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4PzHy8BqIs).

Thanks everybody! If you have any questions about the episode or Igor's project, please add those to this thread - we're happy to help.