e_grayscale transformation not working

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Lately I've been seeing more and more e_grayscale transformations throwing a 400 error, has anyone come across this issue? For example here's a headshot image of me that cannot be transformed:


And here's the transformation:


Anyone knows a way around this?


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  • tomasz
    tomasz Member Posts: 2

    Oh my gosh. Thanks Loic. I knew it was something I was doing wrong, because Cloudinary has always delivered top notch product, but just in case there was a bug I figured I'd ask here. I was doing resizing, but it seems I was doing it out of order... first grayscale, then resize, so it appears the order does matter. Wow. Thanks so much. As always, best software and best support community.

  • Vdeub
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    You are welcome @tomasz :)

    Effectively sometimes the order matters especially with large originals.

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