Link generated by PDF file on cloudinary not working

anas Member Posts: 1

I tried to upload PDF on Cloudinary using the API, the API returns a path, but when I tried to open the path it says "Failed to upload PDF Document " even though I can see It in the media library, apart from that even link generation from Cloudinary dashboard is not working



  • Zachary
    Zachary Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 35

    Hey there,

    Thanks for reaching out. I see you already have an open ticket with us in our support system. It looks like this might be a problem with some of your settings. I've asked that you provide more details in our ticket.

    Looking forward to chatting there!

  • rohitranjan
    rohitranjan Member Posts: 1

    I am also Facing Same Problem. Request you kindly help me as soon as Possible.