MediaFlows - now with FlowAI

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An early version of MediaFlows launched a few years ago on Product Hunt. We’ve come a *long* way since then. Today we’re launching a next-gen, low-code development environment powered by FlowAI, the language-to-flow capability that lets you build...crazy fast.

MediaFlows provides a simple, drag-and-drop interface for building visual media workflows – along with out-of-the-box templates, logic, and integrations built specifically for images and video.

🗄️ Tag and organize your visual media

🖼️ Transform images and video (replace image backgrounds, recolor images)

🔗 Integrate with tools like Akeneo, Twilio, SendGrid, Slack, and more

🪄Orchestrate services (like genAI)

And with this launch, we’re especially excited to announce FlowAI. It harnesses the power of AI to automatically build automations from free text prompts. Just type in what you want to do in plain language (e.g., “transform every image to banner size with an overlay of our brand logo”) and watch the magic happen.

Please take a look!