How to concat videos present in different folders?


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  • Tamara
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    When Cloudinary returns an error for an image URL that failed to load due to a problem with the image or URL, we return an HTTP header containing more information about why the request failed.ย 

    This information is sent in the `x-cld-error` header, and you can examine the request and response for the image which didn't load correctly.ย 

    I've taken a look at your example, and in this case, the specific error is `Concatenated videos sizes don't match. Given: 1280x720 and 1920x1080`

    Looking at the two videos you are trying to concatenate, we are seeing that the resolution of the two are different. When concatenating two different videos they will need to be the same resolution.

    Please see our documentation page for more information:ย



  • Neha_Sharma
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    Thanks Tamara

    So specifying resolution while concatenating these videos will help . Is there a work around it?

    Or just using a transition in transformation will help to resolve these right?