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I am encountering difficulty in cropping a regular image into a hexagonal shape after uploading it to a specific folder. The provided URL example (https://my_cloud_name/image/upload/a_0/c_crop,w_2611,h_2261,x_43,y_5/l_hexagon,w_2611,h_2261,fl_cutter/public_id) illustrates successful hexagonal cropping when the image is located in the home path.

However, when attempting the same process with an image stored in a designated folder (https://my_cloud_name/image/upload/a_0/c_crop,w_2611,h_2261,x_43,y_5/l_hexagon,w_2611,h_2261,fl_cutter/folder_name/public_id), the outcome is not as expected. Instead of obtaining a hexagonally cropped image, the result displays the entire image.

I am seeking guidance to resolve this issue. If anyone could provide assistance in finding a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.


  • DannyFromCloudinary
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    Hey, thanks for posting here.

    Would you be able to provide your cloud name and the public IDs of the assets you're using please so we can take a look? If you have privacy concerns, you are more than welcome to open up a support ticket instead.

    Kind regards,