Regarding access speed when there are many files

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hi there,

If I have any questions during the technical review

In constructing the file storage path, we consider not classifying 

because it isnot necessary to consider such a situation. 

As an example, I will save it under the image folder, 

but it seems that hundreds of thousands or millions will be saved.

In this case, I wonder if there is a time difference between loading the image.

That is, I am curious about the performance in the case above.

Looking forward to your quick reply. Thank you.


  • Tom
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    Hi @Leo ,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    I'm not sure I completely understand your question but I believe you want to know the access times of an asset.

    If so, then there will not be any performance drops even if you have millions of files under a folder. Initially when accessing an asset for the first time, this will always take slightly longer but after it's cached in our CDN servers, it's instant.

    If you are running complex transformations, mostly applicable for videos and need the derived version available ASAP then I would recommend requesting them 'eagerly', which means the processing takes place in the background ('asynchronously').

    More on eager transformations:

    Once the asset is transformed eagerly/asynchronously it will be available via the URL as normal.