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Hi there,

I'm using to create a video, passing a JSON manifest file.

Is it possible via node.js using cloudinary's API to retrieve the manifest file that was used to build the video?

I've tried the following resource call passing public_id or asset_id, both 404

const asset_to_find = {
    asset_id: 'ab3ede8824d4a6865214fe39704f89af',
    public_id: 'video-generation/test_video987654321',

const asset = await cloudinary.v2.api.resource(asset_to_find.public_id);

if yes, would it be the search api or admin api?


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  • atdatu
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    Hi @simonwilbert , we currently do not have a way to retrieve the JSON manifest that was used to generate the video via API. This manifest is submitted as a post data and processed in the backend and we do not have an API/URL endpoint to specifically retrieve it. Our normal process is the user submitting the request creates the manifest which is described here: Alternatively, you may create a CLT Template file that is based on the manifest, and upload it to your Media Library.


  • simonwilbert
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    Ok, thankyou @atdatu . I'm super interested in all developments of the beta video generation feature. What are the best ways to be kept up to date with it's roadmap and progress?

  • atdatu
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    Hi @simonwilbert , awesome! We encourage submitting a feature if you feel like you have a use case that will help on improving the workflow. Please visit our Roadmap Page.