Translate one metadata field of a JPG automatically and save the translated metadata field back

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Our task

For our online sales channels, we need images in which the USP shown on the image is superimposed.

We need the images for 10 languages.

Our idea: we would like to fill the field "Description" in the metadata with the German text, the file gets the name extension _de.

Now we want to pass this file to a process that does the following:

1. read out the "Description" field.

2. pass the read value to DeepL and translate it into the target language (e.g. Dutch). 3. enter the translated value into the file.

3. save the translated value in the "Description" field.

4. save the file with the country code _NL.

When we then have all the images with translated metadata field:

We want to create a design template (text field with border, logo, etc.) and in the text field we want to copy the value from "Description".

This would really speed up our workflow extremely.


  • Vdeub
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    Hi @Raventop,

    What if you use Structured Metadata to handle the translations?

    You create those fields either via the UI or the API for each language and just update the asset when needed with the translation e.g.:

    • You read the translation_de Structured Metadata field.
    • Pass the value to DeepL and translate it.
    • You update the translation_nl Structured Metadata field.

    This will let you search for assets that are translated in a specific language, check the ones that have a missing translation etc...

    Hope that helps.