What is "allow for strict transformation" option?

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what is the function of "allow strict transformation "?


  • Zachary
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    Cloudinary's URLs can be changed to allow users to create all sorts of transformations. This ability is incredibly powerful but can result in unintended usage.

    To control this, you can enable Strict Transformations in your product environment to prevent transformations from being dynamically applied to media assets. Except for any transformations that you specifically allow to be used dynamically, your users will be restricted to accessing only pre-generated transformed assets (generated eagerly during upload or with an authenticated request to our API). To allow the asset to be delivered, the file extension and the transformation part of the URL used to request an asset must be identical to one of the pre-generated transformations.

    This is one feature available as part of our Media Access Control Features, I would recommend reading out the documentation for more information.