I made a firebase cloud function to send a new user a custom welcome video when they signup!

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edited January 2023 in Developer APIs

This is my first time posting here. If it will allow me to edit this, I want to show come back and post all the steps and the function code for the benefit of whoever may need it. It really does give you welcome emails an extra touch I believe will go along way in showing your users what value you desire to create for them. I love Cloudinary.

I think I will go back and add one for when they first add a profile pic and cover photo and create something with their images and bio, like a little slide or something.

I also want to implement a feature which will allow them to share their magic book (that's what the app is for - making digital books with music) as a video.

I will come back and post a link to the GitHub repo and try to explain the steps later.

Thank you for letting me post. πŸ™πŸ’―πŸ’™