Auto cropping product images

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Hi, I've trawled through the tutorials, knowledge base and community questions but can't find the answers to my questions, so I'm hoping somebody can help clarify whether it's possible to do the following.

I want to batch auto-crop product photos so there's padding around the product as seen in the photo below.

Original images will look something like this and be around 3600 x 2700 pixels:

Currently I manually crop each image to a grid like this at 2400 x 1800 pixels:

As the products vary, sometimes the vertical or horizontal padding won't be equal so the top and bottom padding may be 150 pixels but the left and right padding could be, for example, 300 pixels, and the padding in the original images is always different too as the photos are not taken on a tripod.

Is it possible to perform this as an action and if so can it be automated in batches?

Appreciate any help!

Thanks :)