Is it possible to do a text name repeat based on variable length with one request?

Prasanna Member Posts: 8
edited December 2023 in Developer APIs

This is what we'd ultimately want to do. Repeating of a name, that's provided to us, either with one font or two fonts in a brick pattern.

Based on our research we're able to do this with Cloudinary if we first do an image upload (POST /image/text) with the input name and obtain the height and width as a result.

Then using the resulting height and width we'd construct a transformation request/url that overlays this text in a brick pattern like the two images above. (The background image would be a flat color that's also provided.)

With this approach it will be two requests. Since we'd need to know how big the text would look on the Cloudinary "canvas" before laying out the coordinates for each name in the pattern.

Our question is if this is possible to do this in just one request/transformation?

I'm still in the process of learning everything that Cloudinary provides, I could use all the help I could get!