How to make video play with start, end time in video player embed

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Hello, im try to make video play with start, end time in iframe with URL embed like this

It work fine, but when i add more params like this '&player[logoOnclickUrl][logoImageUrl][sourceTypes][0]=hls&source[transformation][streaming_profile]=auto'

then it not work anymore.

I was use



  • DannyFromCloudinary
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    Hi @AnLa. Thanks for getting in touch.

    It looks like you've actually uncovered a bug in the Video Player Studio, so thank you for finding that! We've created a ticket internally to address this long term, but in the meantime, I would recommend using the Javascript version of the player if you can, rather than the iframe version.

    I'm afraid I'm not able to provide any specific timelines for when this bug will get addressed, but I have linked this thread to the internal ticket, so we'll be able to provide you with further updates as they become available.

    Please let us know if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help.

    All the best,