Cloudinary DAM + Adobe Creative Cloud Connector

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📌 The current Adobe Creative Cloud Connector is version 1.1.0 — designed for compatibility with (Macintosh and Windows) Adobe Creative Cloud versions 2019, 2020, 2021, 2021b, 2022, and 2023.

📌 For Apple Macintosh M1/M2 systems (“Apple Silicon”), the Adobe InDesign and Illustrator 2022 and 2023 plug-in/extension now include native M1/M2 support, however Adobe Photoshop 2022 or 2023 must be configured to “Open using Rosetta”:

💾 Connector Installation & Configuration:

Download the desired platform specific connector installer:

Once installed (and licensed + successfully authenticated), selecting the (somewhat tiny) “hamburger” icon located in the north-east corner of the connector dialog allows for uploading (the active Adobe Creative Cloud file), selecting a different “cloud”, and/or configuring the Connector preferences — notably if Inserted images will default to low-resolution or the high-resolution original (enabled by selecting “Use high resolution on place”).

Adobe InDesign:

Adobe Photoshop:

📕 Connector Documentation:


🍎 Apple Macintosh:

The following folders will be created:


☝️User specific settings, files,  and logs (if enabled)


☝️Connector specific settings as well as advanced configuration.