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Hello, we're successfully splicing audio with the API.

My question is this..... when we construct a URL to splice audio into one file --- does that file exist in our cloudinary folder(s) as one file -- or is it always just the individual parts. I'm asking because when we backup, this is a concern.



  • Vdeub
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    Hi @shancloudinary,

    It is effectively only the individual parts that exist. The resulting asset you are creating is called a `derived asset`.

    You can the last 30 derived assets of an original by following the steps below:

    1. Select the base original asset, not the audio asset you are splicing to the original one, and click on `Advanced Editing`.
    2. On the top right corner, you will see `View derived videos`, click on it.
    3. On the left, you will now see the last 30 transformations for this asset. From there, you can download locally the derived asset.

    Please note that when backing up assets, derived assets are not backed up as documented here.

    Hope that helps.