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Is there a Docker image providing the Cloudinary API that I could use for local development in a project that uses Cloudinary? How should I set up a dev environment for the service?


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    If you want to have a separate test or staging environment, you can point your staging code to a different product environment that you use only for staging (if you have a paid plan with multiple environments possible).

    If you don't have a plan that allows multiple environments, you could configure your production/staging decode to use a different folder in your main account or use a different Cloudinary account entirely.

    It's permitted to have multiple accounts provided they're used for different applications or environments and not as a way to circumvent our free plan's quotas by using multiple accounts for the same application




  • Wissam
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    Hi there,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    There is no official Docker image for Cloudinary. There are multiple ways to use our API.

    You will need to install one of our Cloudinary SDK for your preferred programming language or framework as described here:


    Please review and let me know your feedback.



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    Thanks Wissam. What's the recommended approach to test Cloudinary in a development environment? I'm using the Javascript SDK.