Getting the most value out of your DAM investment πŸš€

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edited November 2022 in Digital Asset Management

DAM is quickly becoming a vital piece of our tech stack and we are hearing more often about simple wins and key areas to drive a return on investment with Cloudinary.

As a DAM admin or product owner, it is likely a key element of your role is to ensure you are getting the most value from your DAM. We wanted to share with you what we are hearing from our customers who, like many, are facing a down economy & yet are getting more value than ever from their DAM.

We really are in an age of efficiency, and with this, we need to do more with less whilst working to improve collaboration. All the while, our brand needs to remain consistent across multiple channels, scalability remains a challenge and our customers experience is paramount. Ways you can realise more value:

Get more users into the DAM

Remember, DAM needn't be limited to a single team or department. The flexibility of a good DAM system means it can feed multiple regions or departments without compromising the individual experience.

Connecting your DAM to your ecosystem

The Cloudinary DAM is smart and can integrate with almost any system. Streamline your processes to benefit from automation and remove manual, time consuming tasks.

Asset reuse

Good assets are expensive and time consuming to create, having a well organised DAM will make it easier to sort and find assets ready for re-use. Using structured metadata is often a best practice for ensuring your team knows where to find assets.

More is more when it comes to assets

A good DAM system is your single source of truth. From uncut to final, documents to MOV, online product shots to brick and mortar advertisements. Why pay for multiple storage solutions, consolidate to a single solution and remove silos in the process. Be sure to take advantage of our transformations so your assets are delivered as efficiently as possible.

The list could go on, feel free to submit some of your best practices so we can share with the community.