Uploading Files with Incoming Transformations in Postman

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I've duplicated the Postman collection and now I'm trying to upload images with the q_auto transformation like this -

(with a file selected obviously)

No matter what I set the quality too though, I always get a "file size too large" error, showing the same file size for the uploaded file.

I can't figure out whether that's because you can only send 10mb files in the initial request or if the transformation parameter's not being picked up?

The transformation builder shows that q_auto should be added to the URL path but doing that gives me a "page not found".

I've also asked about this on Discord, I'll update this post if I get a reply there first.


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  • Cloudinary Team
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    Answer โœ“

    Hi Alexs,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Yes, that sounds like you're hitting the max image file size limit of 10MB as per https://cloudinary.com/pricing/compare-plans and the limit applies even if you are applying optimisations via incoming transformations as initially we still need the original file after which incoming transformations are applies.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or queries.

    Kind Regards,

    Developer Support Engineer
    Customer Success team
    Cloudinary UK

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