Is there any parameter in upload api that stops eager transformations on uploaded preset images?

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The current senario is that 4 eager named transformation is set in upload presets option in setting. Whenever any image is uploaded it produces 4 derived images based on eager transformations. I want to know is there any parameter in upload api that can stop these eager transformations after preset image is uploaded.



  • Wissam
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    Hi @Sovik,

    Eager transformations are typically defined in the upload preset and are applied during the upload process.

    However, you can control the behavior of eager transformations. For instance, you can set the eager_async parameter to true to generate the eager transformations asynchronously in the background after the file is finished uploading. This means the transformations won't be generated as part of the upload call, but rather after the upload request is completed.

    Additionally, you can use the eager_notification_url parameter to receive a webhook notification when the generation of eager transformations is completed.

    If you want to apply transformations to already uploaded images, you can use the explicit method of the Upload API to generate the derived assets eagerly.

    Please note that these options don't stop the eager transformations but provide you with more control over how and when they are generated. If you want to completely stop eager transformations for certain uploads, you might need to create a separate upload preset without eager transformations and use it for those specific uploads.

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