New DevJams Podcast with Google's Adam Argyle

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Hey everybody! We have just launched the latest DevJams podcast episode, which features Adam Argyle - Chrome CSS Developer Advocate at Google.

You can watch the episode on YouTubeSpotify and the Cloudinary Academy.

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About the Episode

We are thrilled to have ⁠Adam Argyle⁠ (Chrome CSS Developer Advocate at Google) join us for an in-depth discussion about his personal website, ⁠⁠. Adam shares his expertise in leveraging Cloudinary’s versatile capabilities to optimize and customize his image and video content.

Discover how he utilizes Cloudinary’s prebuilt strings with standard optimizations to ensure fast-loading visuals and integrates Cloudinary features, such as ⁠maximum size restrictions⁠, ⁠customized URLs⁠, ⁠lazy loading⁠, and ⁠asynchronous image decoding⁠.

Jen Brissman and I explore his innovative Markdown parsing techniques that transform authored paths into fully optimized Cloudinary URLs, seamlessly integrating with Preact components and the ⁠Deno Fresh⁠ framework for optimal server-side rendering benefits.

Prepare to be inspired as Adam takes us on his journey using Cloudinary to further optimize and tailor the user experience on