Support for sub-domain integration with the free plan

Kishorth Member Posts: 2

Hello, everyone,

I have a question related to the sub-domain. It might not be as important as you think it is but in my opinion sub-domain integration should be available to the free users not for free but by standalone upgrade or consuming more credits.

Recently I ran a test with Cloudinary and other 3rd parties image CDN with sub-domain integration but 3rd parties services perform betters in terms of speed.

  • When I was using Cloudinary, delivering images from Cloudinary added 524ms in Total Connection Time (DNS Lookup, Initial Connection & SSL Negotiation) accordingly to the Webpagetest result
  • When I switch to a sub-domain, delivering images adds 0ms to the Total Connection Time same as self-hosted images accordingly to the Webpagetest result.

Support, do you have any plans to consider?



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  • rlux
    rlux Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 63
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    Thanks for the info, Kishorth! I'm looping in our tech folks to see if that's the expected result.


  • victor_cloudinary
    victor_cloudinary Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 10

    Hi Kishorchand,

    Thanks for reaching out to us! I'll pass your feedback along, with regards to allowing CNAMEs for free customers with a credit/standalone upgrade. As for your test, if I am understanding correctly, the webpagetest result with the Cloudinary image required a connection time of 524ms to request and deliver the image from Cloudinary, but the webpagetest result without the Cloudinary image simply is delivering the image directly from your foxscribbler app (using Wordpress) correct? This would then be expected behavior, I believe. Please feel free to provide additional details or confirm or correct my understanding!



  • Kishorth
    Kishorth Member Posts: 2

    Yes, Victor, you're right when I deliver my images from Cloudinary it connects to different origins ( which is why 524 ms is added to the Total Connection Time which is expected and when I integrate with the CNAME/ sub-domain (second image), there is 0ms added to total connection time because the browser will not have to create an additional connection (DNS Lookup, Initial Connection & SSL Negotiation). It means the image will be visible earlier and this can also affect Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) Metrics.