Inquiry Regarding Copyright, Notices, and Licensing for My GitHub Project

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I am a Cloudinary user and currently working on a project that involves uploading content to GitHub and utilizing Cloudinary services. As I review the Terms of Use, I have a few questions regarding copyright, notices, licensing, and any specific conditions that may apply when sharing my project on GitHub.

  1. Copyright and Notices:
    • Are there any specific copyright notices or statements I should include in my GitHub project when using Cloudinary services?
  2. Licensing Requirements:
    • Do I need to include any particular licensing information within my GitHub repository related to the use of Cloudinary services?
  3. Conditions and Additional Information:
    • Are there any additional conditions or requirements I should be aware of when integrating Cloudinary into my project, specifically for sharing it on GitHub?

I want to ensure that my GitHub repository is in full compliance with Cloudinary's terms and conditions. As I plan to share the project openly on GitHub, any guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey @nov4cs16 ! Here are some ideas.

    1. Include Cloudinary Attribution:

      - Ensure you include a visible attribution to Cloudinary in your project, typically in the form of a comment or a dedicated section in your documentation.


       <!-- Powered by Cloudinary: -->

    It could be more formal than that, pointing to our privacy and TOS too.

      Example (if applicable):

      This project utilizes Cloudinary services, subject to the terms and conditions set by Cloudinary. Please refer to Cloudinary's Trust page for more information.

    2. Update License Files:

      - Include a LICENSE file in your GitHub repository with details about the licensing of your project, specifying the terms under which others can use, modify, and distribute your code.

      Example (if using an open-source license like MIT):

      MIT License
      Copyright (c) [Year] [Your Name]
      Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy...

    3. Update README or Documentation:

      - Include a section in your README or project documentation that highlights the integration with Cloudinary, any configuration steps, and any specific considerations for users and contributors.


      ## Cloudinary Integration
      This project utilizes Cloudinary for image and video management. To configure Cloudinary, follow the steps outlined in [Link to Cloudinary Integration Docs].

    I hope this gets you moving in the right direction!