Does anyone have a simple Cloudinary Android uploader app?

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A couple of years ago, I installed a very simple Cloudinary app, which allowed me to upload photos to Cloudinary using the Share button.

I've just upgraded to a new phone and I have no idea where the app was from! I have asked Cloudinary tech support, and they're saying it's a 3rd party app, like this uploader.

I thought it was from a Summer of Code type event but I could be wrong. I'm not very techhie, so I don't know how to build my own from scratch. If anyone has an .apk I can download, that would be super useful. Thank you, Jake!



  • Tamara
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    Hi @natureworks

    We currently do not have information about such an application. However, I have shared your idea as a valuable suggestion for consideration in our future roadmap.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

     Kind Regards,


  • natureworks
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    Hi Tamara,

    thanks for the feedback. A mobile app with simple resize and datestamp functionality datestamp would be a great way to increase wider uptake of Cloudinary within an organisation, rather than just image savvy people. I will keep looking, thank you :)