The need for API key and cloudname in Media Library Widget

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I'm integrating Cloudinary Media Library Widget in my application. But I'm confused on why we have to provide API key and cloudname as user will authenticate himself to use the widget? (I don't feel secure using secrets in client-side code)

Also, do I have to provide my API key and cloudname or ask user to create and provide to my application?

(Unrelated but ImageKit also provides similar widget and we don't have to provide API key.)




  • Cloudinary Team
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    Hi Rakesh,

    The API key is a unique identifier for your Cloudinary account. It is used to authenticate your requests to the Cloudinary API. By providing your API key, the Cloudinary Widget ensures that the user accessing the widget can perform actions on your Cloudinary account.

    The cloud name helps the widget identify the specific Cloudinary account and location where users want to upload or manage media.

    You will have to provide your API key and cloud name as you will control the account and can manage all assets from there centrally.

    Hope this helps.


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  • itsrakesh
    itsrakesh Member Posts: 2

    I get it now.

    Is there a way a cloudinary user can log in to the widget and access their library without requiring to share API key and cloud name?

  • Tom
    Tom Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 78

    Hi @itsrakesh ,

    I'm afraid API key and cloud name are mandatory fields as per

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.