export 'audio' (imported as 'audio') was not found in '@cloudinary/url-gen/qualifiers/source'

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I want to remove the existing audio from video and want to add an overlay of audio. I'm using it in react sdk and refered using this https://cloudinary.com/documentation/video_layers#audio_overlays

there i can see

import { source } from "@cloudinary/url-gen/actions/overlay";
import { audio } from "@cloudinary/url-gen/qualifiers/source";

new CloudinaryVideo("hourglass_timer.mp4").overlay(source(audio("electronic")));

but when i'm import audio same as here then i'm getting error like

export 'audio' (imported as 'audio') was not found in '@cloudinary/url-gen/qualifiers/source' (possible exports: Source, fetch, image, subtitles, text, video)

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