Is it possible to highlight specific words within subtitles of the video?

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Hi. We're looking at Cloudinary to transform videos. We were able to set up a bunch of transformations via API and SDK. We also generated and added subtitles to a video (via SRT-file). But a very important thing for us is to be able to highlight specific words in subtitles. 

We know that it's possible to customize the whole subtitles thing (using URL transformation), but the question is how to set up word customization specifically.

Thanks for any help!


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  • DannyFromCloudinary
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    Hi @rodrig.

    I just replied to your ticket, but wanted to post my reply here in case it helps anyone out in the future with a similar question.

    I'm afraid, sadly, this feature is currently not possible within Cloudinary. If you need your embedded subtitles to have certain words in a different colour, the only way that this is currently possible is to have a separate subtitle overlay which contains just the words you need to be highlighted, and then style that layer accordingly. The downside to this though is you would need separate subtitle files, and you wouldn't be able to highlight a single word within a sentence. You would need to highlight the entire phrase instead.

    For instance, you could do something like this:

    00:00:00,560 --> 00:00:03,830
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
    consectetur adipiscing elit.
    00:00:06,669 --> 00:00:10,279
    magna est feugiat sapien,
    vitae ullamcorper odio odio in dui.


    00:00:03,919 --> 00:00:06,110
    Praesent tristique,
    sem non tincidunt rutrum,

    I know this isn't exactly ideal with UGC, but I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    All the best,


  • rodrig
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    Hi @DannyFromCloudinary ! Thanks for the fast response.

    But what I found is that it's possible to make specific words bold using "<b>" tag. But none of the other HTML tags work.

    Can you clarify this, please? And if you have some tags that work can you share that list or link to docs?

  • DannyFromCloudinary
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    It seems that in-subtitle formatting is fairly limited, at least according to, however we do in fact support <b>, <i> and <font color="someColor">

    I've put together a quick test on my own account, and it seems to work well. Here's a link to the video, and the subtitles for you to view too: