Does Cloudinary support Image(photo) comparison & recognition?

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Assume I have a bunch of photos/images uploaded in Cloudinary. I have a new photo/image and want to check if that photo/image is already there. Is there way to ask Cloudinary to compare and recognize. The object for comparison can be a photo of a human face or image of a building, flower pot etc .... We are using Thunkable, please also let me know how to use the photo/image recognition/comparison in Thunkable.

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  • Cloudinary Team
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing to Cloudinary today! We have a Duplicate Detection Add-on that you may be interested in trying.

    Currently, the Duplicate Detection Add-On is in BETA. So, what does that mean for you?
    Well, it means that this add-on is free to use and you have up to 200,000 assets that can be uploaded monthly utilizing this add-on, but because this is in the early stages the add-on features and the conditions for usage are open to change in the future.
    To enable this add-on all you have to do is let me know that you'd like to use it and I can add it to your account. To actually use the add-on you'll need to create an upload preset with the upload auto-moderation set to duplicate. You'll also want to set your threshold for confidence on a scale from 0-1. 0 being the least strict and 1 being the most. Then whenever you use this new upload preset your assets will be moderated by the Duplicate Detection Add-on.
    If you have made an error or the moderation didn't work as expected you can always review assets from your moderation tab in the DAM. From there you can confirm or reject assets that have been flagged as duplicates or that are waiting for approval.

    Read more about Duplicate Detection Add-on

    Please let me know if you'd like to enable this in your account or if you have any other questions.


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  • Cloudinary_John_H
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    Answer βœ“

    Apologies it looks like my links weren't preserved. Read more here: Duplicate Detection Add-on


  • agvardha
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    Hi John,

    I am mentoring a middle school kid. So please enable it for both of us. is my ID is his ID. His name is Arul Vakharwala

    Thanks a lot this is very good news I am going to jump into this right away



  • agvardha
    agvardha Member Posts: 3 ✭

    Hi John,

    I just checked my account, Upload screen still does not have the moderation menu item, nor does the Advance. I guess I have to wait. Please let me know. BTW I upload and download from Thunkable. Please check this documentation which talks about how to access Cloudinary. "upload file" block uploads the image and returns the URL. So if I am doing it from Thunkable is there way to set the moderation? The only Cloudinary setting I am doing is like this. I guess for the Beta we might have to do manual upload and if there is duplicate then we get an error with some specific code. Anyway will wait to hear from you.

    Best regards


  • Tom
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    Hi @agvardha ,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I've updated your accounts with the Duplicate detection add-on.

    Regarding uploading with moderation, you can use upload presets and set a default preset which would be used for any account. See more here:

    Any other questions, please let me know.

    Kind Regards,