Unknown API key

devbulchandani Member Posts: 1

I am creating a mern stack social media app, in which i am taking photos through multer and storing them in cloudinary, but cloudinary is constantly giving this error:

Cloudinary Upload Error: {

message: "Unknown API key '8799...',",

name: 'Error',

http_code: 401



  • Tom
    Tom Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 61

    Hi @devbulchandani ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Based on the error message you receive from Cloudinary, it shows the unknown API key that was sent in your upload request - notice the API Key is within single quotes in the error message. The single quotes should not be part of the value sent in your request.

    You should be able to resolve it by removing the single quotes from around the values in your .env file and retrying the request again.

    Let us know if you still get stuck.

    Kind Regards,