add width / height to cropped objects

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Hello there,

So I recently came across Cloudinary, and I'm very impressed. However, I can't figure out how to add width/height to a cropped object.

I'll leave an example here.

Here is a sample image where I want to crop the product (dress).

And here is the finished picture:,c_crop,g_coat:dress:top,w_auto/en-1049382001004

My issue is the crop is too tight; I would prefer to add a few pixels to the height so that we can see the whole length of the product, like this:,c_crop,g_coat:dress:top,w_450,h_500/en-1049382001004

As you can see, I added the width and height manually, but I cannot do this in bulk as the product size varies. Instead, I would like to keep the w_auto keyword and add 50 pixels to the cropped height. Is it possible to achieve this?

Thank you

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    I missed the z (zoom) parameter; it does what I wanted. Thanks!


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    Thanks for sharing the answer!