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I made a transformation url and want to save on Cloudinary. Is there any api where we can directly put newly generated video ?


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    Hi @vinodsnayvik ,

    Once you create a transformation URL and run it into a browser, a new derived version is saved in your account.

    Cloudinary's transformation URLs act as a dynamic delivery system. When you access a URL with transformations applied, Cloudinary generates the transformed version on the fly and delivers it. This functionality eliminates the need to save the transformed video explicitly.

    If you prefer pre-generating the transformed versions, Cloudinary offers Eager Transformations during upload. You can specify transformation parameters during the upload process using their SDKs or API. This creates the transformed video alongside the original upload.
    You can read more about eager transformation in the following documentation :

    There is also a tutorial video about Using Cloudinary's Eager Transformations to Automate Image and Video Processes.

    Please let me know if this answers your questions or if you have additional ones.